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Applying for Citizenship

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Canadian citizenship application

Applying for Citizenship


Applying for citizenship entails several steps, but the benefits are more than worth your effort. Aside from having easy access to Tim Horton’s coffee and the longest coastline in the world (best enjoyed simultaneously), citizens can enjoy other perks such as being able to vote, run for political office, and receive a Canadian passport. Depending on your home country’s policies, you might even be able to hold dual citizenship.

Canada is rich in culture and opportunity. Many permanent residents want to stay in Canada for the rest of their lives as citizens, and the Canadian Citizenship application can help them pursue that dream. Learn how to get Canadian Citizenship by reading below.

Canada is a country filled with opportunities for all individuals seeking to settle down there. Whether you are coming to study, visit, or work, there are numerous pathways to reach your immigration goals. In some cases, many foreigners decide they would like to become permanent residents and eventually Canadian citizens down the road.